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Left behind once more,
We always feel the same way
Even in a crowd

Crying in the dark,
Wishing someone was our friend,
We long for more sleep 

Calling out to you,
Wanting to be understood,
I don't want to fade.

Stop this rejection!
No invisibility;
I'll be heard and seen!

So soften my heart
Teach me good ways that are right;
Help me to flourish!

My soul reaches out
Past the barren field of tears
To find hope in you.

Let me find good things;
Release my voice from tethers;
Let me sing out loud!

I fight to the depths
For this life you provided;
Don't let it be vain.

Even as I sob
In this fight that will not end - 
This will not finish!

Remind me again
Of what I am standing for
In this blood bathed heart.

Don't let me die here,
Alone in shadowed places...
At least grant me peace.

This poem is about the endless fight inside - that even though life is pretty fair right now, I find myself yearning and crying out insatiably for no specific thing or reason...there is always pain and hurt and I suppose I wonder if it will ever get better and how it would. If we knew things like this, I'm sure many people would more quickly find their resolve to do more than just survive. Impossibility looms larger than ever as my tools of hope vanish for some reason and I find myself growing unpleasant sometimes. It is unnatural and hard for humankind to be kind, but I hope to be greatly so! I hope a great deal of things but only my failures temporary or prospective seem prominent. Is this discouragement? If do I motivate to work harder? How do I encourage myself??
  • Mood: Insecure
  • Listening to: my heart cry out over and over...
  • Reading: into things the wrong way i think
  • Watching: my flaws fight for dominance
  • Playing: piano and guitar again!
  • Eating: mini wheats
  • Drinking: kanada-jin biru!


art is expression::music is a diary, poems are unspoken observations... photography is new angles, drawing is new shades :) each medium has individual therapeutic purposes and i thank God for creativity!!

uniqueness and inspirations come impulsively. one-time things where if caught in the moment they are captured for good...but then i am young and fairly lazy, so i don't work at these things as i should :)

i love nature and music as God's reminder that there is more to life - can you imagine the stars singing?? what would that sound like?? i'm also a daydreamer - particularly during school :) but am very realistic about life because i kind of have to be! and...i am a Christian and proud of it!! [best for last].

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honeyarash Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist Photographer
yeah we never know...maybe some day there will be a harmony
thanks for your really beauty and emotional note ♥
Axcido Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely gallery, dear! ♥
cms-star Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
thank you so much!! :D
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Dude, thanks for the llama badge!
cms-star Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
hey, thank YOU for your support! :)
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