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heaven is a place where people can go in body form...but i'm guessing since people can fly or transport there then no passports needed!! anyway. so...not much is new!! photo show is happinen! :D this week/end is going to be busy but not as much as the last few have been! then it's easter!! you know....i'm not sure if palm sunday was such a happy day, giving that christ wept that day because he knew the sorrows to come...

and then i have the following week off of school and i am going to REST!! I developed a theory that pythagoras theorem could be applied from math into songwriting and music. (It helps me grasp the math concepts) and so next week i hope to experiment on it by writing a song called pythagoras theorem :) it may involve the words "soh cah toa"!! haha! music is lovely!! i'm yearning to get back into music! anywho. have a good easter everyone!! PS: lunar eclipse in western canada tonight (supposed to be before 2 am central time)! 
  • Listening to: my dreams sing lullaby s
  • Reading: between the lines
  • Watching: and waiting to see what happens
  • Playing: quiet
  • Eating: well
  • Drinking: not enough water


art is expression::music is a diary, poems are unspoken observations... photography is new angles, drawing is new shades :) each medium has individual therapeutic purposes and i thank God for creativity!!

uniqueness and inspirations come impulsively. one-time things where if caught in the moment they are captured for good...but then i am young and fairly lazy, so i don't work at these things as i should :)

i love nature and music as God's reminder that there is more to life - can you imagine the stars singing?? what would that sound like?? i'm also a daydreamer - particularly during school :) but am very realistic about life because i kind of have to be! and...i am a Christian and proud of it!! [best for last].

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ngyeung83 Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, thanks for the llama badge!
hey, thank YOU for your support! :)
thanks you for the favs
you're welcome. thanks for beautiful pictures :)
pleasure to hear this. thank you 
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